A Sample Morning Briefing

Below is a sample morning briefing. We will be using the AAI Backcountry Checklist on courses each day. We ask that you start the day with the pre-trip plan.

Snow Pits in the Time of COVID 19

As we teach students in the field this winter, we need to adapt some of our coaching strategies. These changes in strategy might include having one student in a pit at a time, spreading out more while shoveling in rescue practice, and practicing probe lines further apart from each other. Here are a few thoughts on field sessions this winter.

An Introduction to the Bag Valve Mask

Each instructor leading a pod will be carrying a Bag Valve Mask, as well as a viral filter during the winter of 2020/21. The following video is an introduction to the Bag Valve Mask, the viral filter, and how to use these tools.

The use of the bag valve mask and viral filter is indicated for avalanche burial victims. The following video takes the use of the system outside.