Red Pine Chute Lawsuit

The following video discusses the lawsuit that was filed against the Canyons Resort (now Canyons Village of Park City Mountain Resort). We encourage you to take notes as you listen to the details of this lawsuit about any lessons learned, any operational changes you would like to make at your operation, and any additional thoughts.

Red Pine Chute Accident

Red Pine Chute is located off of Peak 9990 at the Canyons Village of Park City Mountain Resort. On December 23, 2007, an avalanche was triggered on an open slope.  This avalanche killed one skier and buried others.  

As you listen to this case study, take notes on things that you learn.  Take notes on operational systems and approaches.  Take notes on documentation and what to write down and what not to write down.  Take notes on lessons learned.

Technical Report Oral Presentation

Here is Don Sharaf’s sample report that scores 15 out of 15.

If you choose to do an oral report, this report will be done over zoom (or some other online platform). You will have the ability to screen share, in order to share images and slides.