The Human Factor – Group Dynamics, Communication and Decision Making

How we interact with our partners in the backcountry can influence the success of the day. Understanding outside influences on decision making is important. Below, Don Carpenter walks through some factors that can influence decisions.

In the following video, Don Carpenter is going to spend some time going through a variety of factors that can positively or negatively influence decisions and will then ask you to do a self-assessment.

Once you have completed the self assessment, continue with the next video.

Common human factor traps that Don will discuss include FACETS – Familiarity, Acceptance, Commitment, Expert Halo, Tracks and Scarcity. He also talks about the risk equation and how understanding this equation that can improve our decision-making processes.

Here’s a PODCAST with Ian McCammon, discussing FACETS and other decision-making tools.

Here is the ISSW paper discussing FACETS by Ian McCammon.

Now that you’ve gone through the ruthless self-assessment, let’s walk through tools for group interactions and for navigating “the human factor.”

Here’s an article about the Seven Dragons, written by Ken Wylie.

Here is a TED talk by Grant Statham about Risk.

Rescue Test for Professionals

Below is the rescue test standard for Professional Level 1 students. This is not a requirement for Level 2 students. This test, on the Pro 1 course, is done as an individual without any assistants.