Welcome to the Online Portion of your Professional Rescue Course

We are so excited to have you join us for a Professional Rescue Course this season.

This online module consists of approximately 6 hours of videos, plus supporting activities and quizzes. We recommend completing this work in multiple sittings. You will get more out of it if you take your time. This self-paced online learning module has several components.

This icon indicates a downloadable portion of the workbook

This icon indicates an optional portion of the course that might be review for you.

This icon indicates a helpful tip. This is also an optional portion of the course.

This icon indicates a task. When you see this, you have something to complete.

This icon indicates extra information. This is also an optional portion of the course. If you’re excited about a topic, this offers you an opportunity to dig in deeper.

Below is a video that walks you through how to navigate the learning management system. Don’t hesitate to call or email the office if you have questions about this.

If you prefer to take digital notes, here is a link to a Google Doc. Click on this link. Click on file. Make a copy. Add it to your library.

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The Professional Rescue Course workbook appears throughout this course, section by section. You can download each section as you move through. You can also download the entire workbook below.

You are expected to complete the non-optional portion of this online module (including quizzes) before you arrive at the field portion of the course. YOU WILL NOT be set up for success if this part of the class is left until the last minute.

Also, you must complete the online portion of the class before you will be eligible for a completion certificate. If you have any questions, email the office at avalanche.institute@gmail.com or call us at (307) 733-3315.