Avalanche Training Course Options

The Avalanche Level 1 course provides a solid foundation in avalanche knowledge and skills that backcountry skiers and travelers can use to navigate snowy terrain in the mountains.


For backcountry recreationists with level 1 avalanche skills who want to go deeper with their snow and avalanche knowledge. *includes Rescue Fundamentals


This course is a focused day of learning and practicing avalanche rescue skills and techniques.

This online avalanche refresher Course is great preparation for a Level 2 course or Professional Level 1 course.


This refresher is great preparation for a Professional Level 1 course or an update for your current skills and knowledge.


This online course is designed as an introduction to the world of snow and avalanches or as a refresher course at the beginning of the season.

This Pro 1 avalanche course is for avalanche workers early in their careers or for experienced workers looking to stay current with industry standards.


This Pro 2 avalanche course is for avalanche workers moving into leadership roles within their operations or for experienced workers who desire to continue to develop their risk management leadership skills.


This course is designed to challenge students to develop and refine the skills required for large scale operational level forecasting and/or consulting.


TManagement of both large and small scale organized rescue including initial deployment and multi-agency logistics.

Winter forecasting for those who want to generate a short term forecast in a very dynamic weather season


Advanced meteorological subjects, more mountain weather forecasting techniques, and more hands-on practice.